Pails and Cans

Screw-Top Pails

General Container's Screw-Top Polyethylene Pails provide for easy opening and closure.
  • Construction: High density polyethylene with ribbed reinforcement for added strength
  • Design:
    • Easy to install screw-on/off plastic cover
    • Handle with plastic grip
    • Available in 1 to 6 gallon sizes
    • Nestable and recyclable.
  • Applications: Approved for hazardous, dry granular (solid) products and food products
GCC Part NumberCapacity GallonsCapacity LitersDOT/UN Specifications*Inside Height InchesOverall Height InchesTop Inside Diam. InchesTop Outside Diam. InchesTare Weight Approx. lbs.
N305FRC-DU-MM5191H2/Y30/S13.514.62511.75 12.754
N3035FRC-MU3.5131H2/Y19/S9.7510.7511.75 12.753
N302FRC-MU281H2/Y12/S910.259.25 9.752
N301FRC-DU141H2/Y6/S78.258 8.51.5
N306FRC-DU-MM6.524.51H2/Y30/S16.62517.7512 12.754.5
* UN Specifications are subject to change

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